"Ultimate Accountability" Workshop

How to build your team's accountability culture and 2X your results

"Ultimate Accountability" Workshop

How to build your team's accountability culture and 2X your results

As the leader of your company you know that your team needs to be performing at its best for them not only to succeed but also to thrive in the face of any challenge.

We’ll be your guide to get you there with our two day, High Performance Teams workshop, for leaders and their teams.

Imagine how great it would be if after two days your team had:  

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Excitement about your clear vision as a company

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Positive team morale and clear communication

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A clear roadmap to hitting your goals with total buy-in from each team member


As a leader, you deserve a team that works hard to make your vision a reality.

Our private workshops are designed for scale-up CEOs and their leaders to come together to examine, clarify, determine and align on the priorities of the business.

As a team, you’ll be guided through the key strategies needed to make them happen, the timeframe and actions, and the accountabilities of the team to drive the next level of growth in the company.

Take your team to a deeper level of communication and insight and go beyond what is predictable.

What If You Could Contribute To A Discussion Instead Of Always Having To Lead It?

Watch this video to learn how we help you feel part of your team during the workshop.

In our experience, most teams are 100% capable of accomplishing the stretch business targets set forth by the CEO or founder.

What is missing is a framework for leadership to engage in meaningful and timely conversations to ensure vision, strategy and execution happen as planned such that the business results can follow.

Help your emerging leadership team get and stay on the same page for the next stage of growth.

 Unlock commitment and teamwork from all key players beyond personal agendas or biases. 

Create a clear performance plan, step by step, to realize the team's vision.

Chad Gibson will guide your team through his signature, 'Ultimate Accountability' Workshop

This virtual workshop brings your leadership group together to learn how to become a team that achieves more than they ever thought possible.

Chad is the Founder of the PerformPlan system. He is widely recognized as a master facilitator and high performance expert. He will be personally facilitating the workshop in partnership with you as the business leader.

Chad Gibson

Testimonials from industry leaders:

“Chad is a trusted advisor for myself and my executive team in helping us shape our performance and leadership.” - Mark M.
“Chad’s expertise has been integral to the foundation we have built for our next level of growth and business success.” - Matt J.
“Best meetings we’ve ever had with this team." - Dean J.
"What Chad does is invaluable as he ensures that teams are always working on the same team and towards the same goal.” - Niket G.
"Chad, thank you for your masterful facilitation, your impeccable coordination and your transformational leadership.” - Susan L.

Unlock Your Team's Best Thinking

Here are six strategic questions your team will examine and bring new clarity to during our workshop...

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Custom Designed for You

The first step towards your next level of performance is to take action. 

Contact me for a complimentary strategy session where I can understand your specific business goals and come up with the next best steps to get you there together. 

Here are some of the most commonly asked questions and answers:

Who is the Ultimate Accountability Workshop ideal for?

This workshop is designed for CEO's of growing businesses who are needing to get traction in their results.

These leaders know that having their leadership group on the same page, aligned with the direction and strategy of the future, and coordinated to do their most productive work together, is critical at this stage of business growth.

What do you get when you sign up?

We will create absolute clarity about your business goals and priorities, determine the exact actions that are needed to grow, and align your entire team around a specific strategy to accomplish your big vision.

After completing the workshop, you'll see these results quickly: projects working, timelines being hit, team unity and cohesion, productivity and peace of mind, and real ownership of the business success from all stakeholders.

Why does it matter?

This workshop is essential for unlocking your growth because you make a difference with the work you do. Unless you have a clear roadmap and leadership team firing on all cylinders, the amount of impact you have is limited.

Imagine having a proven structure in place that elevates both team performance and business results.

That would leave you freed up to keep building the future.

Who should I invite from my team? 

We recommend that anyone on your core leadership team attend the workshop.

Part of effective alignment is ensuring all key people are at the table when you are designing your roadmap and working through important conversations together.

What if we already have a plan or roadmap in place? 

That's great! Most teams we work with have a plan in place.

This process is not meant to replace your current plan or systems. It is designed to have your team align on the critical components of your plan and put in place anything missing.

What is the financial investment?  

The investment in your people, your plan and your results will require:

Two days of focused, dedicated work from your team and our fees for facilitating the process with you.

Schedule a Call to learn pricing for your group size and specifics.

Is there preparation work needed for the workshop? 

Yes. We create a custom preparation package for your group to help support to maximize the value of their time together.

The package focuses on the business goals of each function and input from each individual on the priorities of the group.

What happens after the workshop?

The 2-Day Ultimate Accountability Workshop is designed to leave your team with a step-by-step roadmap for your big vision and coordinated to make it happen.

Most often, this is all you need to get momentum and traction in your results.

After the workshop, you will have the confidence and team alignment to build on your new foundation of communication and work the plan together.

Can you deliver the workshop in person?

Yes. The Ultimate Accountability workshop is available in person by request. Schedule a Call for details.

Do you offer other Team Alignment, Planning and Strategy help? 

Yes. Teams book our services throughout the year for specific occasions such as:

Quarterly or Annual Planning;  Leadership Team Alignment; Board Meeting Facilitation; CEO and Executive Team Advisory

What's our Philosophy on High Performance Teams?

The team is accountable for its own success. There are no 'quick fixes' or 'miracle cures'.

Leadership teams are already filled with great, smart, dedicated professionals. High Performance is not really a 'people' issue.

What is missing is fundamental alignment, coordination, and structure with the team so that you all can go out and do your best work together.

Other questions?

Simply Schedule a Call.