Have you ever sat back in a meeting with your team and really just listened to the conversation? Bringing awareness to the ‘normal’ way your team interact, speak and listen is a very useful exercise to try for yourself. I find in working with teams that most meetings are filled with mild to severe reactions to situations. You may commonly hear people trying to solve problems, coming up with answers and fixes, sharing their past experience on a topic, working the crowd for buy-in, or giving into the loudest voice around the table. There is a shift in the performance outputs of a team when there is a desire for a little more room, a little more space, to think together before reacting to the situation. Our best thinking as a team ’emerges’ versus being ‘already there to say’. Real creativity, innovation, and team spirit arise in the ‘space’ of the unfamiliar versus recurgetating the same patterns of the team from the past. Watch the video below for insights into how to create more space in your team meetings for your best thinking to emerge.

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