I have seen some fantastic plans.

In fact most groups I work with have very strong plans in place or at the ready. Many have used proven planning tools, formats, books, consultants, experts, internal and external….. and the plan is sound. It has everything from the vision (future state; mission; goal; north-star, BHAG etc) to timelines, to strategies, to analysis, to financials, to action plans.

So now what? Go do it right? Wrong. This is where most plans fail.

The number one factor you can put in place to ensure success is to implement from the beginning. What does that mean? It includes a thorough and complete discussion with the key stakeholders of the group looking at what the plan actually looks like implemented. This forces the brain to confront the end state of the the plan versus the steps, the busy work and the weeds.

Without this critical and time demanding step you are hoping for the results and praying for the stars to align.

With this step you are architecting your future.

Results guaranteed? No. Results expected with certainty?

You bet.

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In 20 years of coaching and developing leadership teams nothing is more rewarding to me than working with CEO’s and their teams to help them realize their business vision.

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