“It’s 6 pm and my day is wasted – I am spending too much time talking and people have too much access to me.”

A great client of mine expressed this to me recently. Her concern is one that I believe all CEO’s deal with when confronting what is the right balance between time spent on talking about strategy and actually doing the work and action of execution.

The organization lives inside the CEO’s vision. The realization of that vision lives inside the executive team’s capacity to deliver it day in and day out. It is important to know the difference between spending time on strategic thinking and spending time on execution. They require different conversations and outcomes.

Productivity explodes when teams confront the difference between these two worlds and learn how to keep each separate and focused yet still deeply connected to the whole. The CEO’s mandate is strategy. The executive team’s mandate is execution. And each person is accountable for the shared vision being realized.

Without this realization most CEO’s continue to be drained in their energy and most executive teams continue to stay in neutral waiting for more direction.

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