Time is the one commodity you ain’t getting back. Once spent – it is gone forever.

A team’s performance can be thought of as a series of segments of productivity. That productivity is shaped by daily, weekly, monthly, yearly and multi-annual conversations.

Productive meetings are a science and need to be examined often for high efficiency. Most organizations find that a breakthrough in productive team communication can double the amount of time opened up for actually working.

Just think back to your last meeting – how productive was it? What topics were revisiting again and again with no resolution? What opinions were shared once again around the table with no action? How many times did the group “agree to disagree”?

Unproductive meeting structures are a key source to missing deadlines; projects dying on the vine; people morale tanking; missed revenue; and bleeding efficiencies.

Think through your meeting structures. There are no silver bullets. And you can create a specific and relevant structure to support strategic thinking, coordination and execution.

Ask yourself, who, what, when, where, and why for any meeting measured against the outcome of your vision and major business priorities. What cadence and tempo (how often and how long) does the team need to ensure the business outcomes are getting done? What are the expectations of each meeting? Do you have the right people in the meeting? Anyone just hanging out for FOMO? Get productive in your meeting structures and your team will be productive outside of them.

Without this foundation “time” will always win.

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